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Yocada Heavy-Duty Corn Broom Commercial Indoor Outdoor Broom

Yocada Heavy-Duty Corn Broom Commercial Indoor Outdoor Broom

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Brand Yocada
Color Black
Bristle Type Unflagged Bristle
Surface Recommendation Floor
Material Corn
Style Heavy,Heavy-duty

About this item

  • This heavy-duty corn broom has seven sews to create a stiffer broom for moving heavier debris, so it is good at collecting rubbish outdoor like your courtyard garage lobby mall market floor.
  • The width of this heavy-duty corn broom part is about 13.4 inch long, so it can sweep a large area at a time, and it will also can help you save a lot of time and effort.
  • This heavy-duty corn broom is about 59.8", so you won't bend your back, the long broomstick will also allow you to reach every corner and spot, so you can keep your space spotless!
  • This heavy-duty corn broom has a protective jacket on its iron pole, it is soft, so you can hold it to sweep, and it will protect your hands when you sweep the floor.
  • Our Yocada brand is registered and it has large factories to support, so if you encounter any problem while using the product, please feel free to contact our support team. We would sincerely serve you.
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